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 William Henry Harvey   &   Rebecca Scott Harvey
1850 - 1910                                                1868 - 1954


Their Children - The Second Generation


Annie Harvey
Mariah Harvey
Wm. Daniel Harvey
 Mariah_Harvey.jpg  Wm._Daniel_Harvey_019_edited.jpg
1889-1971 1891-1971  1895-1965
 L. Russell Harvey Herman S. Harvey Cora W. Harvey
 Russell_Harvey.jpg  Herman_Harvey_1932_edited.jpg  female-silhouette1_edited.jpg
1897-1975 1898 - 1949 1901-1967
 J. Preston Harvey Tempie Harvey Alice Mae Harvey
 James_Preston_Harvey_edited.jpg  Tempie_Harvey_III.jpg  Alice_Mae_Harvey.jpg
1904-1995 1908-1998


 The Harvey's of Rich Square, Northampton Co., North Carolina

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"A Work In Progress"

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